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    1. 600-24S12 isolated DC-DC power module, continuous input of 16-40Vdc, transient input 50V@1s 12Vdc output, output power 600W; Standard 1/2 brick, with a fully enclosed five sided metal structure; High reliability

    High efficiency, high power density, low ripple noise, and other characteristics; Widely used in military, communication, rail transit and other fields.

    2. Positive/negative logic control optional

    3. Rated output power: 600W

    4. Output overcurrent and short circuit protection

    5. Input undervoltage protection

    6. Output overvoltage protection

    7. Over temperature protection

    8. Built-in output fault isolation (built-in ORing circuit)

    9. Supporting module parallel connection

    10. Working shell temperature: -40 ℃~105 ℃

    11. Input and output dielectric strength: 2250Vdc

    12、MTBF ≥ 2,000,000h

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