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    Click: 48 Date: 2023-04-13 16:31:00

    Salary budget base salary of 20000 yuan+project award+year-end bonus, with a budget annual salary of 400000 yuan; Top not capped

    Job Code: 1001

    Job Description:

    1. According to different application scenarios, select appropriate power topology and device combination to optimize power performance and improve efficiency and reliability;

    2. Write hardware design documents for the power system, including schematic diagrams, PCB diagrams, BOM lists, production output files, etc;

    3. Hardware self testing and debugging until successful; Coordinate and guide the production and testing of the power system to ensure product quality and delivery time;

    4. Assist in customer requirement analysis, decompose project hardware requirements, and participate in power system review;

    5. After the project is completed, summarize the technology and provide training to core project members.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in electronics, electrical, automation, physics, science and engineering related majors;

    2. At least one successful power supply design;

    3. Having full-time work experience and solid knowledge of analog and digital circuits; Proficient in power topology structures, such as flyback, forward, half bridge LLC, phase-shifting full bridge, sine wave amplitude conversion, and at least one of these topologies; Proficient in selecting basic components to design circuits, proficient in using operational amplifiers to design circuits;

    4. Proficient in power electronics technology and power system hardware design tools, including any design software such as Altium Designer or Cadence;

    5. Strong team spirit and communication skills, able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other engineers, manufacturers, and customers;

    6. Having a strong sense of innovation and problem-solving ability, able to think independently and find solutions;

    7. Possess certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate effectively with foreign clients, and understand English materials;

    8. Familiar with relevant EMC standards in the power industry, and familiar with industry related reliability standards;