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    Click: 45 Date: 2023-04-13 16:22:00

    Salary budget base salary * 10000 yuan+project award+year-end bonus, with a budget annual salary of 500000 yuan; Top not capped

    Job Code: 1031

    Job Description:

    1. Understand the technological development, industry capacity, and market competition related to the product, collect, organize, and categorize relevant information, and cooperate in completing product market information research.

    2. Track market trends, understand the latest situation of similar products, and adjust sales strategies in a timely manner.

    3. Develop a sales plan for power products, develop sales strategies and plans, and execute them.

    4. Responsible for planning and executing sales activities within the sales area;

    5. Expand new markets and sales channels for power products;

    6. Responsible for market expansion and customer development of power system products, completing sales tasks, and expanding market share;

    7. Responsible for customer development, participation in plan formulation, contract signing, and payment tracking;

    8. Maintain company and customer relationships, coordinate and handle various market issues, capture market information, and establish good cooperative relationships with customers.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in electronic engineering, marketing, humanities or related majors;

    2. Strong sales skills and negotiation skills, able to effectively communicate and negotiate with customers;

    3. Familiar with the characteristics and market demands of power systems and motor drive products, able to timely grasp market trends and adjust sales strategies.

    Talent Benefits:

    1. Putting people first, the company's work clothes are tailored and comfortable to wear;

    2. Provide work meals, the company has a cafeteria, and hotel style self-service dining;

    3. Provide garden style housing;

    4. Five insurances and one fund: housing provident fund+social insurance;

    5. Weekend weekends; Emphasize efficiency and quality, pursue excellence, and end the culture of muddling through life;

    6. Wages are at a relatively high level within the industry;

    7. Paid vacation: annual leave and various statutory paid holidays;

    8. Employees have exquisite birthday gifts and organize annual employee tours;

    9. Skill training: internal and external training for professional skills, as well as re education platforms for academic advancement;

    10. Career development: a sound internal promotion system and dual career development path;

    11. Other incentives: various outstanding employee awards, invention awards, contribution awards, etc.

    12. Upward corporate culture, focused on high-tech, capable individuals will be reused.