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    Click: 42 Date: 2023-04-13 16:24:00

    Salary budget base salary of 20000 yuan+project award+year-end bonus, with a budget annual salary of 500000 yuan; Top not capped

    Job Code: 1021

    Job Description:

    1. Design, develop, and test software for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems, including control programs, driver programs, etc. The software is self tested and debugged until successful;

    2. Participate in the overall technical solution design of motor drive products, assist in customer demand analysis, decompose project software requirements and execute software code writing, control algorithm design, output software control plans, optimize motor drive software performance, improve efficiency and reliability.

    3. Write software design documents for the motor drive system, including requirement analysis, design documents, testing documents, etc.

    4. Coordinate and guide the production and testing of motor drive systems to ensure product quality and delivery time.

    5. Research the latest progress in motor drive technology, explore new application scenarios and solutions.

    6. After the project is completed, summarize the technology and provide training to core project members.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in power electronics, electrical engineering, automation, software, electronic engineering, computer science or related fields with 2 years of work experience;

    2. Proficient in motor drive technology and computer science knowledge, proficient in programming any domestic 32-bit chip; Proficient in integrating KEIL, MDK, CCS, IAR development environments;

    3. Solid foundation in C and C++programming; Familiar with programming STM32 and TMS32 series products;

    4. Proficient in Clark and Park transformations, proficient in motor angle detection algorithms, and able to write programs;

    5. Having a theoretical foundation in power electronics modeling and control, and at least one successful motor drive software design;

    6. Proficient in mastering Simulink software in MATLAB;

    7. Experience in developing inverters and motor drive products is preferred;

    8. Possess strong teamwork spirit and communication skills, able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other engineers, manufacturers, and customers.

    9. Has a strong sense of innovation and problem-solving ability, able to think independently and find solutions.

    10. Possess certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate effectively with foreign customers, and understand component English materials.