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    Click: 55 Date: 2023-04-13 16:26:00
    Salary Budget Base Salary Negotiated * 10000 yuan+Project Award+End of Year Award

    Job Code: 1005

    Job Description:

    1. PCBA welding;

    2. PCB testing, recording test results;

    3. Complete the work under the guidance of the engineer

    Job requirements:

    1. At least 2 years of technical secondary school work experience in electronic engineering, power electronics, electrical engineering, or related fields;

    2. Strong hands-on ability, able to use an electric soldering iron to weld SMD electronic components;

    3. Proficient in using basic testing tools such as a multimeter, oscilloscope, power supply, and frequency meter;

    4. Familiar with safe electricity use and awareness of electricity safety;

    Possess strong teamwork spirit and communication skills, able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other engineers.