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  • Brick Power Supply Design Engineer

    Click: 47 Date: 2023-04-13 16:27:00

    Salary budget base salary of 30000 yuan+project award+year-end bonus, with a budget annual salary of 500000 yuan; Top not capped

    Job Code: 1003

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for the development of 20-2000W brick power supply products;

    2. Responsible for product specification development, scheme selection, circuit design, reliability design, and manufacturability design;

    3. Responsible for debugging, testing, and verification of the designed power supply;

    4. Ensure that the product meets performance, quality, and cost requirements;

    5. Responsible for managing technical documents and review processes during the development of power supply products;

    6. Ensure the completeness of product design cycle development and technical data delivery;

    7. Participate in the development of brick power supply products and technical plans, and improve the development platform;

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in power electronics related field, with at least 5 years of experience in designing medium to high power ACDC products;

    2. Proficient in the topology of high-power product power conversion circuits (PFC, LLC, half bridge, full bridge, etc.);

    3. Experience in digital power development is preferred;

    4. Having experience in designing high-efficiency, high-power density ACDC power supply products with a capacity of over 300W, capable of independently designing and optimizing inductors/transformers, and having experience in EMC rectification;

    5. Have a solid foundation in power electronics technology, good circuit analysis skills, and strong hands-on skills. Able to independently analyze and respond to technical issues related to power supply;

    6. Proficient in product development tools (such as MathCad calculation, simulation, schematic drawing, etc.), with good experience in product theoretical design process;

    7. Rich in team spirit, with a habit of striving for excellence in design, with good planning ability, able to achieve task delivery on time;

    8. Coordinate and guide the production and testing of the power system to ensure product quality and delivery time;

    9. Summarize the technology after the project is completed.